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Ken Danczyk and his wife Judy live on a small, quaint farm that is surrounded by 6000 acres of Conservancy in Central Wisconsin. He works in Stevens Point and has spent his life helping out on the family’s farm. His son Nick has two degrees, in Printing and Publishing Management, which helped them feel comfortable tackling a first time project revolving around the country life they all love.

Ken’s parents, Max and Eleanor, were the inspiration for the book. They used the opportunity to capture their lives and story for future generations. Sixteen-year-old high school art student Natasha Flatoff depicts the story beautifully and with remarkable accuracy. Son Nick had the foresight to place real pictures of the farm next to Natasha’s exquisite artwork making the book come to life.

Ken is currently considering writing another book about life on the farm.

Ken Danczyk

Judy, Nick & Ken

Inspiration: Max & Eleanor Danczyk