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Grandpas Farm
by: Ken Danczyk and Natasha Flatoff, illustrator

Issue Month: July/August 2009
Category: Children's Picture Book
Softcover $14.00 (34pp)
ISBN: 9781435740211

Review by: Heather Shaw

Why do people write children's books? It's a question we often ask in these offices as so many picture books come through our door without any clear idea of an audience. Rather, the audience appears to be the authors themselves, the child inside.

Too bad that kids aren't really into you.

There's no doubt that Grandpas Farm is written, and illustrated, for children. Its also quite ingeniously put together. On the front cover, for example, there's an unsophisticated but charming painting of grandpa and grandma out in front of their house with the barn and outbuildings in the background. The back cover shows the same house and barns. Each of the inside pages follows the example. Children are smart: they'll figure this out and they'll learn something about representation without being told. But speaking of words, the text in Grandpas Farm is perfect for young children. The first page says it all: "The farm is a magical place growing up. On my fifth birthday, I could look into the eyes of most of the animals on the farm. Some, like the cows, look as big as buildings to me." Sizing the world to a five year old is not as easy as it would seem-hence all the impossible books for adult-children. Grandpas Farm, self-published through, succeeds where so many highfaluting operations fail by knowing its audience and taking pleasure in communicating with it. (2008)


Michael D. Berman (author of Orion)

"Wonderful book for Parents & Children"

5.0 out of 5 stars

July 11, 2009

By Michael D. Berman "FREE BOOK" (USA)

Grandpa's farm is a charming, authentic book about what life is like growing up on a real farm. Less a story and more a series of 'snapshots' of the workings of a farm, each page has a beautiful, original oil painting to accompany the text. Whether it's finding a litter of brand new Collie puppies in the barn, or clearing the fields of rocks before planting, Grandpa's farm brings us back to a simpler time, where the focus was on family and putting in a good day's work. There is a serene, peaceful tone that runs through the book and settles over the reader. I have read this story several times now to my son and he has been captivated each time. Highly recommend.


The Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI)

September/October 2009 Magazine

Kenneth M. Danczyk - picture book - Grandpa's Farm (Lulu Publishing, August 2009) illustrator Natasha Flatoff - almost 3,000 units sold independently - picked up by TV station to air on "The Reading Lady Series" - airs in 17 states from Oregon to Maine on 49 broadcast stations - viewing audience of 3.6 million children; selected by the Historical Society in Madison, Wisconsin as well as the Stevens Point Historical Society.  An amazing endeavor full of life and color. 


USA Book News

This multigenerational children's story evokes memories of fresh baked bread, wood stoves, fishing holes and family values. Polka music, earthy wisdom, and a strong work ethic reflect the wonderful culture found in Central Wisconsin, sharing traditions with young readers. "Grandpa's Farm" is written by Kenneth Danczyk and his family, is a warm and amusing tale of one boy's life on a rural farm in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. With the talent of a local high school student Natasha Flatoff, the 16 original oil paintings vibrantly depict the love, laughter, and life of a hard working and fun-filled family. For ages 4-8 and everyone in between.

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